Bjirmen’s Jeltsje (s. Orchard Red Prince, d. Kooihúster Wietske)
2006, sectie NWR 51,63%, bay, h. 1.40 m
voorlopig keur (preliminary keur)

breeder: S.J. Jukema, Sexbierum , owner: J.S. Jukema, Zwolle


Orchard Red Prince (sport)

Aester el Nino (preferent)

 Bjirmen's Wytse (sport, preferent)


Vita Nova's Hanassie (preferent, prestatie)

Kooihúster Wietske (keur, elite, prestatie)

Kleef's Sylvia (keur, elite)


Blericks Daisy (preferent)

Orchard Wielkanoc (keur, preferent)

Verona's Bo-Gi

Criban Pebble

Downland Dragonfly

Orchard Perestrojka (keur, elite)

Pearl Driver xx

Blue Dawn xx

Kooihúster Wietske (keur, elite, prestatie)

Downland Folklore (elite, prestatie)

Downland Mohawk

Blwch Valentino


Downland Starletta

Downland Chevalier

Claydon Easter Lark

Kooihúster Ytsje (keur, elite)

Burstye Orpheus

Oakley Bubbling Spring

Burstye Fortuna

Atje (keur, elite)


Markhoeve's Astrid

xx = Thoroughbred  ox = Arabian Purebred

Bjirmen's Jeltsje is out of Kooihúster Wietske (keur, elite, prestatie) and multi champion stallion Orchard Red Prince. Dam Wietske is a half-sister to the well-known stallion Kooihúster Teake (voorm. sportnaam Take it Easy), located in France. Progeny of Wietske are performing (inter)nationally (Wytse, Tsjalling, Wiggele, Falco) and both Wytse and Falco are well-known approved stallions.
Sire Orchard Red Prince is out of Aester el Nino (pref.) (by Bjirmen's Wytse (sport, preferent). So, Jeltsje and Bjirmen’s Wytse are half-siblings. Orchard Red Prince's dam is championsmare Orchard Wielkanoc (keur, elite). Wielkanoc is a full sister to the approved stallion and multi-champion Orchard Boginov (s. Verona’s Bo-Gi).

In short, Bjirmen's Jeltsje is bred in the purple!

Jeltjse is now (2015) dam to a colt by young German Riding Pony stallion - Der Classicer (due 2016).

2006, 1E fillies NWR, Wezep.
2009, 1C 3-yr mares; National Mare Show Kootwijk, 14th place, ster predicate.
2014, 1B 6-6 year old ster-mares with foal, invited to National Mare Show.
2014, placed 1st at National Mare Show in her class, preliminary keur predicate


  • Bjirmen’s Jubel (s. FS Dior de Luxe) colt, 2010, Export to France.
  • Bjirmen’s Jochem (s. Good Looking), bay, colt 2011. Sold.
  • Bjirmen’s Jirka (s. David van den Hout), bay, filly 2012. First premium foal. For sale.
  • Bjirmen’s Jelma (s. David van den Hout), roan, filly 2013. Retained.
  • Bjirmen’s Jens (s. Coelenhage’s Purioso), chestnut, colt, 2014. Fierst premium foal, placed 1st.
  • Bjirmen’s Jisk (s.Coelenhage’s Purioso), bay, colt, 2015. Sold
  • Bjirmen’s Jelle (v. Der Classicer), chestnut, colt, 2016. Retained.

Bjirmen’s Jelle (foto Vivian Hesen)