Kooihúster Wietske (s. Downland Folklore, d. Kooihúster Ytsje)
keur, elite, prestatie, IBOP B
1986-2011, mare, sectie NWR 62,50%, chestnut, h. 1.42 m

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breeder: S. v.d. Burg, Cornjum, owner: S.J. Jukema, Sexbierum (frl)


Downland Folklore (elite, prestatie)

Downland Mohawk

Downland Romance

Downland Roundelay

Downland Love-in-the-mist

Downland Water Gypsy

Downland Dauphin

Downland Love-in-the-mist

Downland Starletta

Downland Dauphin

Criban Pebble

Downland Dragonfly

Asby Star xx

Pearl Driver xx

Blue Dawn xx

Kooihúster Ytsje (keur, elite)

Burstye Orpheus

Oakley Bubbling Spring

Blwch Valentino


Burstye Fortuna

Downland Chevalier

Claydon Easter Lark

Atje (keur, elite)

Conquistador (keur)

Hamad ox


Markhoeve's Astrid

Magic Star ox

Markhoeve's Ronnie

xx = Thoroughbred ox = Arabian purebred

Kooihúster Wietske, the solid rock on which our stud is built, is a daughter to the well-known mare Kooihúster Ytsje (keur, elite) and to the most influential stallion Downland Folklore (elite, prestatie). Wietske is a half-sister to the stud-stallion and FEI dressage and show-jumping riding pony Kooihúster Teake (known also as Take it Easy) who is now in France. As a strong, healthy broodmare Kooihúster Wietske is very prolific. She has bred 14 colts and 5 fillies. Several of them perform at the FEI level of dressage.

Wietske represents the third generation of elite-mars of the Kooihúster stud. Both her mother Kooihúster Ytsje and her grandmother Atje are graded ‚elite’. Such a successfull mare-line is unique within the Welsh Riding Pony Section of the NWPCS.

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1986, 1A and Youth Champion Welsh PB, Stadskanaal, 10th National Mare Show, Ermelo
1987, 1C as 2-year old Welsh PB, Roden, 8th National Mare Show, Kootwijk
1988, 1A and best 3-year old Welsh PB
1989, 1C Stadskanaal
1990, 2B Rosmalen
1991, 1A Tolbert, 1st National Mare Show + 'ster' title
1992, 1A Tolbert
1993, 1B Tolbert; 2nd National Mare Show Kootwijk + 'voorlopig Keur' title; IBOP 78 pt. B = keur

keur, elite, prestatie



  • 12 colts and 5 fillies
  • 2 approved sons (Bjirmen’s Wytse [NWPCS], Bjirmen’s Falco [GER])
  • 4 FEI internationale dressage ponies (Bjirmen’s Wytse, Bjirmen’s Tsjalling, Bjirmen’s Oane en Bjirmen’s Wiggele)
  • 1 FEI Showjumping (Bjirmen’s Falco)
  • 2 ster mares (Bjirmen’s Jeltsje, Bjirmen’s Lidewij)
  • 1 mare brons graded mare, Denmark (Bjirmen’s Maaike)
  • 1 National Dressage (Bjirmen’s Jurjen)

  • Kooihúster Gjalt (s. Vita Nova's Hanassie), colt 1989.
  • Bjirmen's Wytse (s. Vita Nova's Hanassie), NWPCS Studbook Approved stallion 1992 (sport, preferent). Some of his most successful bred are the approved stud stallions Aester El Nino, Morgenland's Fabian en Kielshoop Honeyhill; the broodmares Siepke's Ivette, Kooihúster Setske, Aester Lowinda. Both as a showjumper and as a dressagepony Wytse won numerous (inter-)national prizes. In 2003 with Georgina Sommerset he won a bronse team medal with the British team on the European Championships. With his new rider Lizzie Corrie he is now competing again dressage on the national level. Wytse is rewarded by the Dutch Studbook both with a 'sport' premium and a 'preferent' premium. The latter premium is awarded on his price winning bred. Since 2007 Wytse is back in Holland. Besides his stud duties, he w ridden by a Dutch rider, Dana van Lierop. They compete at an international level, again. From 2009 onwards, Jasmien de Koeijer competed with Wytse at the National FEI dressage level. Wytse is now (2012) retired, and is located in France.
  • Bjirmen's Falco (s. Jacobspeels Rocky), Studbook Approved stallion, 1993. Approved by the Hannoverian Stud book, Germany. Showjumper, h 1.30-1.40m. Since 2006 in the UK and competing there as a showjumper, named as silver BSJA Stallion.
  • Bjirmen's Wiebren (s. Jacobspeels Rocky), colt 1994. Sold to Germany, riding pony.
  • Bjirmen's Wiggele (s. Anjershof Rocky), colt 1995. Riding pony, dressage. Sold to Italy and competing in FEI dressage shows.
  • Bjirmen's Wessel (s. Vita Nova's Hanassie), colt 1995. Sold to Finland. Competing as a dressage pony.
  • Bjirmen's Tsjalling (s. Leunsveld Elegant), colt 1997. Great dressage pony in France. In 2005 he was a member of the French National team in Rome, European Champions. With his rider Camille Judet-Chéret they were the best combination of the French team (13th in Final). Now he is back on the international dressage scene with Swedish rider Victoria Darling. They are a real promise for the future (o.a. 11th placed Swedish National Championship)!
  • Bjirmen's Oane (s. Leunsveld Elegant), colt 1998. Sold to France as a dressage riding pony. FEI dressage.
  • Bjirmen's Jurjen (s. Leunsveld Elegant) colt 1999. Like his brothers Tsjalling and Oane, Jurjen has won many prizes in dressage. At the age of 5 he was already comepting on the M2 level with Julia Geers. Her sister Isabel Geers is now very successful with him: L1 dressage champion in 2005; L2 champion in 2006 and now Grand Prix level (dec. 2008). Currently ridden by a novice rider.
  • Bjirmen's Elske (s. Wester Aikema's Adios), filly 2000. Died due to an accident.
  • Bjirmen's Tsjibbe (s. Vita Nova's Celesto), colt 2001. This black stallion is approved by the WPCV and is now in training.
  • Bjirmen's Wytse Twa (s. Vita Nova's Hanassie), colt 2003. Unfortunately not approved as a stallion, is now a gelding. Makes excellent results both in dressage and show jumping. For example: in 2013 Dutch Res Champion - Show Jumping (1.00 meter)
  • Bjirmen's Jelte (s. Orchard Boginov), colt 2004. Is shown at the National Stallion Show 2007, and was selected for the 2nd Selection. Now dressage competition, M2 (summer 2011).
  • Bjirmen's Maaike (s. De Goede Ree Now or Never), filly 2005. First premium foal, sold to Denmark. Silver medal mare at National Danish Show.
  • Bjirmen's Jeltsje (s. Orchard Red Prince), filly 2006. First premium foal. Retained at stud with a view to continue the breeding line from Kooihúster Wietske and Bjirmen's Wytse. Awarded with ’ster’ premium. Scanned in foal to Coelenhage’s Purioso (due 2014).
  • Bjirmen's Tsjalke (s. Orchard Red Prince), colt 2007. Second premium foal, sold to Denmark.
  • Bjirmen's Brechina (s. De Goede Ree's Metal), filly 2008. Sold. First premium as a 3-year old, show at Heteren (2011). Currently in France, sports career.
  • Bjirmen's Lidewij (s. Heitrak's Marvin), filly 2009. ’Ster’ mare, 2013. Sold.
  • Bjirmen's Elko (s. Heitrak's Marvin), colt 2010. Sold to Germany.